Why Choose Us?

Helping You Go Home Sooner

Research today has shown when patients, are back to the friendly surroundings of their home their recovery healing time is expedited to patients left to recover in hospitals.  Your familiar surrounds provides a contentment atmosphere that can be a healthy boost to your physical and mental well being.  Early discharge can also reduce your out of pocket expenses and help Medicare and insurance companies keep cost down.  And to simplify matters the process for you BestCare will take care of all the paper work for you and your family.

Bringing You Continued Care

BestCare teams up with your hospital discharge planners, and your personal physician. Our staff works side by side with your physician office to ensure that your medical needs will be met.   You will, of course be in the hospital if you need to be, but when you return home BestCare is here waiting to send our caring nurses, certified home health aids, and therapist to assist you as needed.  

Keeping You Out of the Hospital

In some instances, BestCare may be able to help you avoid hospitalization.  Because we deliver quality medical service under the direct supervision of your doctor, you may be able to receive the care and treatment you need without having to leave your home. 


Why Choose Us?

* Helping You Go Home Sooner
* Bringing You Continued Care
* Keeping You Out of the Hospital

Home Health Requirement

In order to qualify for home health services under Medicare, the patient must...

Coverage Area

BestCare provides services for twenty different counties.